Every day is a new and exciting experience at Nordic Terrain Academy and students are always anxious to get out the doors and dive into a new adventure. At NTA we focus time and energy into the preparation for activities to ensure our students maximize their enjoyment and learning throughout the day. Every day our students will get used to packing the appropriate footwear, a rain jacket, a water bottle, a hat and sunscreen for the adventure ahead.  Meet young Maria.

Maria was as adventurous as a 15-year-old could be. Although she had an adventurous soul, she couldn’t overcome her passion for fashionable accessories. Her necklaces, bracelets and rings all traveled with Maria through the forest during capture the flag, while kayaking on the lake and flashing late into the evening dancing at the disco. 

Is it a good idea to bring all the latest and greatest fashion accessories to camp? Absolutely, but NTA staff will let you know when jewelry or clothing is either dangerous or inappropriate for a particular activity. Fortunately for Maria, she didn’t lose any of her accessories on this day, but they could have posed a safety risk and certainly led to emotional distress had she lost something. You’ll probably figure out pretty quickly what you should and shouldn’t bring along for the day but our staff at NTA will ensure students are aware and prepared.

The activities at Nordic Terrain Academy require certain equipment and it is important that each camper is prepared for the fun and excitement in safe and comfortable clothes.

Morgan Bell

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