Nordic Academic Adventure Day Camps
February 19th-23rd

Academic Adventure Camps

Nordic Adventure Camps is providing a local day camp experience exclusively for the BSA community during school holidays and summers! Our day camps focus on our core pillars of adventure, academics, leadership and community. We have decided to turn up the fun all year in Amsterdam! 

5-day program

Campers will arrive in the mornings and participate in a range of adventure, academics and leadership activities throughout the day with breaks for snacks and lunch. Nordic Camps is owned by local international school teachers and local community members with years of child care experience.


The British School of Amsterdam

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Our partners

We thank our local partners for their support and services to allow us to create such amazing experiences for young people to develop and thrive.

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Art-Adventure Camp

Art encourages creativity and imaginative thinking, two skills that are increasingly linked with long-term academic success. Art forces children to engage in out of the box thinking and can help them hone their creative problem-solving skills. Our Art/Adventure camp allows kids to be kids. To explore and challenge themselves with the support of their teachers and friends. With a perfect mix of art, adventure, leadership and fun, all campers will have a summer to remember.

Sport-Adventure Camp

Sports camps promote physical fitness and overall health, helping children develop a healthy lifestyle for lifelong fitness. Additionally, sports teach valuable life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and time management. Students learn to set goals, work towards them, and handle both victory and defeat gracefully. Sports also foster social interactions and friendships, providing opportunities to build a sense of belonging and camaraderie. These activities offer an outlet for stress and excess energy, promoting mental well-being and reducing the risk of obesity. Sports not only contribute to a healthier lifestyle but also help children develop essential character traits that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Business-Adventure Camp

NTA brings learning entrepreneurship to life with engaging out-of-the-classroom activities that bring local entrepreneurs and campers together to solve a market problem. Our fun and intensive business/adventure program will teach campers confidence, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and presentation skills. Endless fun and a lot to learn. Campers will be able to hear from guest speakers such as creative directors from local marketing firms and community outreach directors from the WWF. Campers will be able to put their learning into practice with real-world business activities. 

Gaming-Adventure Camp

These camps prioritize the holistic well-being of gaming. The camp combines physical activities, mental health practices, educational components and gaming to create a comprehensive approach of a healthy gamer. Campers will learn the skills and strategies to maximize their gaming experience while promoting a healthy lifestyle. This camp incorporates mindfulness and stress-reduction techniques, providing tools for managing emotional well-being and cultivating resilience. The emphasis on nutrition education ensures that attendees not only engage in gaming but also physical exercise and healthy gaming choices for sustained health. Additionally, the communal setting promotes social interactions, creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere where individuals can share experiences and build a supportive network. Ultimately, a healthy gamer camp serves as a transformative experience, empowering participants to enhance their overall health and well-being in a fun and enriching environment.

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