NTA Team

Nordic Terrain Academy is a project of true passion, built by teachers, for students, from the ground up. All of our teachers are currently teaching in international schools in their respective subjects and travel to Norway during the summer for the opportunity to inspire young minds in an idyllic setting.


Mr. Justin Santori

Co-Founder and Head of Academics

Mr. Justin Santori holds a Masters in Economics and has experience teaching in international schools and camps around the world. Specifically, the USA, Japan, Switzerland, UAE, Turkey and Colombia.

Growing up with four brothers, I quickly discovered the joy of close friendships and learning from one another. While I never got to attend camp myself, having a big family taught me the fundamental values of what I want NTA to offer.

My mother was, in a way, my summer time camp instructor. Every morning, she sat us down at the table to teach us. She was firm but loving. After lunch she’d send us out and encourage us to bike and play sports. After dinner we’d invite friends over to make campfire or just sit on the lawn and chat. Summers were simple yet inspirational – and that’s exactly what I want to offer the students at NTA.

In my later years I moved to Rome for university and started working on summer camps in Japan and Switzerland. I was astounded to find other places around the world that celebrated the same values I experienced as a child. Camp is a place to feel safe, to laugh, to imagine, to learn and to make lifelong friends.

That is the experience I want to bring to every child that joins us in Norway. I hope you will join us at Nordic Terrain Academy where a balanced experienced means a better summer.

Mr. Morgan Bell

Co-Founder and Adventure Director

Mr. Morgan Bell holds a bachelors degree in Sports Science & a Diploma of Education, as well as an array of outdoor qualifications. He has taught in international schools in Turkey & Norway and worked and directed summer camps in Switzerland, Austria, the U.S.A & Portugal.

From a young age, adventure became an integral part of my life. Heading out into the foothills of Perth, Western Australia with friends to discover the unknown, taught me that nature is ultimately in control. We can however, build a tool kit and skill set to assist us during our adventures. Outdoor education in high school taught me skills, inspired me and shaped my travels to come. 

I was introduced to summer camp lifestyle in 2012 – 2014 when I worked in the stunning Appalachian mountains in North Carolina as a mountaineering guide and head of the mountaineering department. Since then I have directed leadership camps in Switzerland and Austria as well as starting a new surf camp in Portugal in 2018.

Personally I spend a lot of time focused on outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing, surfing, hiking, sailing, snowboarding, scuba diving, tour cycling and kayaking. I also volunteer for environmental organisations. This is my life and through Nordic Terrain Academy I want to be able to share my experiences with young people and pass on the skills, knowledge and enjoyment that these activities have brought into my life.

Working together at an International school in Istanbul, Turkey, as well as in a summer camp in Switzerland, Justin and I developed the key pillars that would eventually lead to Nordic Terrain Academy. Through our years of friendship we have developed a summer program that will inspire and aid students through their academic and personal journeys. We hope your child will join us in Norway or Amsterdam for a program soon.

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