What is an adventure?

When was the last time you went on an adventure? Take 20 seconds to visualize it! 

What did you feel? Exhilaration? Confidence? Freedom?

The definition of adventure will vary from person to person, but adventure requires some risk. Adventure takes you into the unknown, where you lose some control. It’s how we navigate and gain back control that builds our self confidence and gives us a sense of accomplishment. The little challenges that you face along the way and the people that are alongside you are what make the adventure the most memorable. 

At Nordic Terrain Academy we construct our adventure trips to bring confidence and accomplishment to fruition for our students. Educated risk takers is what we aspire to inspire. While ensuring maximum safety through thorough risk management planning, there always needs to be room for risk to bring about reward. Our staff are all part of this process because they have a passion to teach, nurture and pass on their skills and will always be close by to provide the appropriate amount of support for the students. Our adventure activities range from water based activities such as kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and surfing, to our land based activities like hiking, rock climbing and high ropes. 

Adventure stimulates our brains to think more critically and problem solve in order to gain back our equilibrium, both mentally and physically. We encourage our students at NTA to challenge themselves and push their boundaries. This is where maximum personal growth occurs. Having control over a situation and being comfortable can encourage some learning but when someone is pushed slightly out of their comfort zone, to unfamiliar territory; this is where we obtain maximum learning.

Let’s take surfing for example. To feel apprehensive about paddling into a wave is completely normal. It’s the other side we want to reach; the part after the fear. That’s where the golden moments lie. Did you paddle into that wave? Maybe you stomped it and had a ‘cowabunga’ moment with all your new mates watching and the photographer got a sweet photo that you can frame above your bed? Maybe you wiped out and got a face full of white water? Either way, you pushed your limits and learnt what to do or what not to do next time. Bounce back up and go again. 

Here’s a short list of some of the benefits of saying yes to adventurous activities.

  • It allows us to try new things and possibly find a lifelong passion.
  • Memories and experiences that challenge us build stronger friendships.
  • Learning to take educated risks, see the benefits and bounce back up from failure.
  • Physical and mental benefits from exercise.
  • Building skills such as self-confidence, leadership, communication and independence. 

Adventure provides us with excitement and a variety of benefits across our lives. I hope you’ll be on your own adventure soon. It’s time to go seek out my next adventure! 

Morgan Bell

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