Where do good ideas come from? This question has been asked by educational institutions, corporate boardrooms and political think tanks for centuries. As an educator, I have been particularly interested in this question. What are the spaces and environments that maximize innovation and inventive ideas? What has been the spark that created the fire of entrepreneurship and creativity? Often, great ideas are not born in a suddenly inspirational moment of Eureka!! That’s it! Great ideas take time to mature. Like friendship we often aren’t completely trusting or open with a friendship until we have time to develop a trust and partnership. At Nordic Terrain Academy we seek to achieve long lasting friendships and help each camper build a community to share their new and innovative ideas with.

Fully formed ideas don’t just happen with time. Over time it is the collusion of another idea that drives a truly new or innovative thought. It is true that technology has made us more connected. Connective channels of communication, which allow us to swap and combine existing ideas to make something greater than the sum of its parts. It is these ideas that combined to form the pillars of NTA: Academic, Adventure, Leadership & Community.

Bring together international students from near or far. Many “third culture kids” provoke thoughts and discussions within their peer groups, which in turn allow them to stumble serendipitously across an idea that completes their own idea. As well as delivering an action packed program for students, NTA provides the time, spaces and environment that allow for ideas to develop and adapt. It is the connectivity of culture and ideas that drive innovation in the world today and the community at NTA will allow students to develop long lasting, world wide connections . Nordic Terrain Academy’s combination of it’s 4 pillars amidst a truly international community is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Justin Santori

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