Here we are deep into the winter in months in Norway and Nordic Terrain Academy is quietly turning the cogs and getting pumped up for another memorable summer in 2022. Post summer was a time for NTA staff to reflect from a wider scope and now we move forward with how we can enhance the […]

Whatever the weather

Here we are on the darkest day of the year for 2020! The winter solstice. With sunrise at 09.29 and sunset at 15.42 there isn’t much daylight up here in Stavanger during winter. 6 hours 11 minutes and 14 seconds to be precise. Luckily summer is the opposite! I’ll share some more about winter vs […]


What is an adventure? When was the last time you went on an adventure? Take 20 seconds to visualize it!  What did you feel? Exhilaration? Confidence? Freedom? The definition of adventure will vary from person to person, but adventure requires some risk. Adventure takes you into the unknown, where you lose some control. It’s how […]

Daily organisation

Every day is a new and exciting experience at Nordic Terrain Academy and students are always anxious to get out the doors and dive into a new adventure. At NTA we focus time and energy into the preparation for activities to ensure our students maximize their enjoyment and learning throughout the day. Every day our […]