Alchemy of Success

The success of anything correlates to how much energy is put into it. To maximize our energy input we have to minimize our energy dispersion into unrelated things.

Forcing ourselves to work for an unrelated cause, will never produce any significant results, as large amount of our energy is consumed by making ourselves work on something that’s not really aligned with what we wish to achieve.

Some obvious examples:

The motives fueling the actions of these highly successful individuals, were directly aligned with what they set out to achieve. They worked towards a vision and everything else such as fame and money were merely side effects.

Dispersive Motives

Unrelated, underlying motives function as dispersive filters on our energy stream. What initially was a direct stream of energy and inspiration, quickly becomes a myriad of disconnected trickles. These trickles often aren’t enough to create any significant results.

When these filters are cleared, and our energetic focus is aligned, we unleash a super nova of creative potential.

Let’s say we’re passionate painter – it’s in our DNA and we just can’t stop. To paint or not to paint is not even a question.

Now let’s add an extra, unrelated motive into the mix. Let’s say we are a painter, and we love to paint and we want to earn money doing this because we want to make a living doing what we love.

Now painting has become only half the focus. The other half of our focus is earning money. Suddenly we’re painting for the love of it, we’re painting for financial reward. This may be somewhat successful, but we’re splitting our energetic stream half, thus both aspects only get half the attention.

Now imagine adding in another underlying motive – the desire to become a famous artist. At this point we are already only giving 33.3% to our actual love of painting and the rest of our 66.6% of energy goes into chasing money and fame, neither of which are even tangible things. We’re wasting most of our energy of phantom ideas.